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  • Rendering of the planned research station in the Exotarium.

    Research station

    We're building the research station – for nature conservation, our animals and our guests.

    In the research station, visitors will be able to experience university research right here at the zoo. They’ll also get fascinating insights into the specialised breeding of threatened species of frogs, fish, reptiles and insects.

    Golden poison frog at Zoo Zurich.

    One of the species we will breed in the research station: Golden poison frog. Photo: Zoo Zurich, Enzo Franchini

    We’re creating specific climatic conditions in each room to suit the animals that will be housed there: from cool to hot and dry to damp – just as it would be in their natural habitats. The idea is that these species, all of whose existence is threatened due to low population numbers, should successfully reproduce here.

    Bild eines Stummelschwanzgeckos (Uroplatus ebenaui).

    Hopefully this species, too, will reproduce successfully in the new research station: yellow-headed day gecko. Photo: Zoo Zurich, Albert Schmidmeister

    The research station will also offer the ideal conditions for researchers from a variety of universities, both national and international. Their research results will contribute to our knowledge of how we can preserve these species from the deadly consequences of climate change and habitat loss in the long term.

    Leafcutter ants.

    Insects such as these leafcutter ants will also be at home in the research station. Image: iStockphoto, Simon Dannhauer

    We will be opening the research station at Christmas 2024.

    Rendering of the planned research station in the Exotarium.

    Rendering of the planned research station in the Exotarium. Image: Region Five Media