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  • Depiction of the seacoast underwater at Zoo Zurich

    Our four pillars

    The zoo is an ambassador connecting humans, animals and nature. It creates an impressive zoo experience and inspires its guests to appreciate the beauty of nature. Because people who know about animals will protect them.

    With the development plan, Zoo Zurich is focusing its activities on four tasks: Education, nature conservation, research and species protection.


    We increase awareness and motivate.

    In the field of education, the focus is on raising awareness and motivating zoo visitors with respect to nature conservation and species protection. New technologies are used to support the dissemination of knowledge, but never compete with the natural experience.

    A zoo should be a place for everyone: for families with children, of course, but also for adults in any phase of life who visit the zoo without children.

    A zoo worker takes children on an exciting guided tour.

    Children on an exciting guided tour. Photo: Zoo Zurich, Corinne Invernizzi

    Children explore the Masoala Rainforest.

    Exploration tour in the Masoala Rainforest. Photo: Zürich Tourismus/Katharina Lütscher

    Nature conservation

    We protect and empower nature.

    In the field of nature conservation, the zoo itself empowers nature - locally through sustainable action, globally through nature conservation projects worldwide. Among other things, the zoo is building its own nature conservation unit.

    Sumatran orangutans Marconi and her son Masen in Jantho on Sumatra.

    Our nature conservation project in Sumatra saw the successful release and introduction to motherhood of our Sumatran orangutan Marconi. Photo: PanEco, Maxime Aliaga.


    We carry out research and are on a mission of discovery.

    In the field of research, the zoo enhances its activities with its own projects, but also in particular by providing external scientists with a platform for research activities.

    Mission golden-eyed tree frog at Zoo Zurich.

    Mission golden-eyed tree frog. Photo: Zoo Zurich, Enzo Franchini

    A research center is to be set up at the Exotarium at Zoo Zurich.

    In the new research center, visitors to the zoo will be able to experience actual research. Photo: Zoo Zurich, Region Five Media

    Species protection

    We care for and promote species diversity.

    Finally, in the area of species protection, the zoo strives to prioritize endangered species in its population of animals. The aim is to prevent the extinction of these species in zoos around the world.

    Red Vari in the Masoala Rainforest at Zoo Zurich.

    Relaxed red ruffed lemur in the Masoala Rainforest. Photo: Zoo Zurich, Tobias Kramer