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  • Brillenbär im Zoo Zürich.

    How much does a day the zoo cost?

    Every day, Zoo Zurich incurs costs in the amount of Fr. 137,000. We generate 89 per cent of the income to cover these costs ourselves - among other things with the sale of admissions, thanks to the income from the zoo restaurants and shops, and with the income from events and sponsorship. We receive the remaining 11 per cent of our income from subsidies from the city and canton of Zurich (Gemeinnütziger Fonds).

    Logo des Gemeinnützigen Fonds des Kantons Zürich.

    expenses per day

    • Staff: CHF 74'000.–
    • Purchasing of goods restaurants & shops: CHF 22'000.–
    • Development, logistics, energy & maintenance: CHF 17'000.–
    • Visitor services, advertising & marketing: CHF 9000.–
    • Administration: CHF 6000.–
    • Research & conservation: CHF 5000.–
    • Animal food & veterinary care: CHF 4000.–
    • Total: CHF 137'000.–

    All figures rounded to CHF 1000.–

    Revenue per day

    • Restaurants & shops: CHF 68'000.–
    • Adminissions: CHF 56'000.–
    • Subsidies city & canton of Zurich: CHF 18'000.–
    • Events, sponsoring & patronages: CHF 15'000.–
    • Total: CHF 157'000.–

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All figures rounded to CHF 1000.–

    Where do donations go?

    All donations from private individuals or companies to Zurich Zoo or our conservation projects go entirely to the construction of new animal facilities or to the corresponding conservation projects. We do not use them to finance operating costs.