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  • Visualization of the Sumatran rainforest in Development Plan 2050 of Zoo Zurich.
    Depiction of the Congo at Zoo Zurich
    Depiction of the Pantanal aviary at Zoo Zurich
    Depiction of the seacoast underwater at Zoo Zurich
    Depiction of the seacoast and penguins at Zoo Zurich
    Depiction of the seacoast and sea lions at Zoo Zurich
    Depiction of the Sumatran rainforest at Zoo Zurich

    Development Plan 2050

    With the opening of the Lewa Savanna, Zoo Zurich successfully implemented the last milestone project in its 2020 master plan. So it's time to plan for the next thirty years.

    What is the role of zoos in society? How do we as a zoo contribute to the preservation of nature? How do we design the habitats for our animals? And how do we shape the zoo experience for our visitors?

    The Development Plan 2050 provides the answers to these questions.

    A world for animals and people

    Under the leadership of Zoo Director Severin Dressen, the zoo’s employees have developed their concepts for the zoo of the future. Society is facing major challenges: Loss of biodiversity, environmental degradation and global change. A fundamental shift is needed to restore the environmental balance.

    We derive our vision from this mandate for society as a whole: a world for animals and people. This vision will guide our actions as Zoo Zurich over the next few years.

    Mockup brochure of Development Plan 2050