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  • Röntgenuntersuchung des Stimmapparats einer Aldabra-Riesenschildkröte im Masoala Regenwald des Zoo Zürich im Rahmen einer Forschung der Universität Zürich.

    Research at the zoo

    Research is one of the four core tasks of Zoo Zurich. Within the framework of the Development Plan 2050, Zoo Zurich is intensifying its research activities with its own projects, but also in particular by offering external scientists a platform for research activities.

    If you would like to carry out a research project yourself at Zoo Zurich, please fill in our research application form:

    research project application

    For all other questions about research at the zoo, contact our research coordinator:


    research projects & Publications

    Below you will find research projects and publications with the participation of Zoo Zurich. For an international overview of research involving zoos, we recommend you take a look at the Zoo Science Library.