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  • Erdmännchen in der Lewa Savanne des Zoo Zürich (2020).

    Ubele kiosk

    Opening hours

    • March to October: 9:30 am to 5 pm
    • November to February: 11 am to 4 pm, only in good weather

    The Ubele Kiosk in Lewa Village is situated right by the waterhole overlooking the large savanna enclosure with giraffes, rhinos, zebras and other African animals. The kiosk in the heart of the Lewa Savanna will spoil you with a large self-service range of African food and zoo classics, as well as a wide variety of drinks.

    Food & Drinks

    Offers and prices may be subject to change at short notice.
    Meat exclusively from Switzerland.

    Winter classics

    • Zoo nuggets (vegan) with Züri Fries, CHF 16.80
    • A pair of Wienerli (chicken) with Züri Fries, CHF 13.80
    • A pair of Wienerli (chicken) with bread, CHF 8.80
    • Züri Fries, CHF 9.00
    • Roasted almonds, CHF 5.90
    • Spice bread «Magenbrot» normal/large, CHF 5.90/7.60
    • Slice of cake (saisonal), CHF 4.90

    Winter special

    • Raclette bread with cornichons and silver onions, CHF 10.80
    • Veal sausage (veal, pork), onion sauce, Züri Fries, CHF 17.20
    • Veal sausage (veal, pork) with Swiss bun, CHF 7.80


    • «Chopfab» draft beer, 5 dl, CHF 6.50*
    • Coffee/espresso (organic), CHF 4.00
    • Latte/cappuccino (organic), CHF 4.40
    • Various teas (organic), CHF 4.40

    * Draft beer station: deposit + CHF 3.00

    Seasonal hot winter drinks

    • Orange punch (non-alcoholic), CHF 5.00
    • White mulled wine, CHF 5.50


    All our disposable crockery (plates, cutlery, cups, etc.) is biodegradable. Please dispose of this in our special waste station behind the kiosk. As such, it will be processed into biogas and natural fertiliser.