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  • Buffet in the Restaurant Pantanal.

    Sustainable gastronomy

    Zoo Zurich’s restaurants and shops are committed to maximising sustainability on an environmental, economic and social level – from procurement through to processing, recycling and disposal.

    Origin and procurement

    Where possible, the majority of our raw ingredients are regional or at least come from Switzerland. We do not use any goods transported by plane.

    Our fish comes from Swiss waters or Swiss farms. We do not sell any ocean fish, shellfish or seafood at all.

    Our meat comes exclusively from animal-friendly farming in Switzerland.

    Our ice cream is made from Swiss milk and cream and is free from palm oil.

    Our French fries are made from potatoes from the canton of Zurich («Züri Frites»), fried in Swiss rapeseed oil and are free from palm oil.

    We occasionally procure products from Swiss welfare organisations or outsource suitable work processes to such institutions.

    In our zoo shops, we prioritise items produced under fair conditions. We directly import some items from developing countries ourselves in order to support sustainable projects in these regions.


    Half of the dishes offered in the zoo’s restaurants are vegetarian or vegan. We are also expanding our range in this regard.

    The zoo’s restaurants offer guests a variety of 100% organic dishes. Raw ingredients such as fresh milk, oat milk, coffee beans and fresh eggs all meet Swiss organic quality standards.

    Waste, disposal and cleaning

    Our disposable materials are made of cellulose, cornstarch, fallen Areca palm leaves or wood, and are therefore fully biodegradable.

    Wherever possible, we collect this disposable tableware separately as organic waste, so that it can actually be used to produce biogas and natural fertilizer.

    We actively combat food waste by analysing what food is thrown away and adapting our menu planning accordingly. We also maintain partnerships with organisations that use innovative solutions to fight food waste.

    We use biodegradable, palm-oil-free cleaning products and Dyson hand dryers in our restaurants.

    Money for nature conservation

    The profits generated by the zoo’s restaurants and shops go directly to Zoo Zurich, thus supporting its ideological goals. Two percent of all revenue from the zoo’s restaurants and shops goes to Zoo Zurich’s nature conservation projects.