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  • Grevy's zebras at Zurich Zoo.


    Equus grevyi

    The Grevy's zebra, named after the former French president Jules Grévy, is the largest wild horse still living today. Its natural range borders that of the wild ass and sometimes their territories even overlap. This overlap can lead to offspring, which are then called zonkeys (zebras and donkeys).

    Related to Odd-toed ungulates, horses, zebras (3 species)
    Habitat Grassland, dry savannas
    Mode of life Diurnal
    Social structure M: territorial loners, F: with offspring in varying groups
    Diet Grasses
    Weight 350 to 430 kg, newborn: 30 to 40 kg
    Shoulder height 140 - 160 cm
    Head-torso length 250 - 300 cm
    Tail length 40 cm
    Mating season All year round, mainly in the rainy season
    Gestation time Approx. 400 days
    Litter size 1 young
    Age of sexual maturity At the age of 3 to 5 years (in the wild after 6 to 7 years)
    Life expectancy Up to 30 years
    Utilization Meat, fur
    Population trend Approx. 3'000 animals
    At Zurich Zoo since 2019


    Verbreitungskarte Grevyzebra

    Hat das Zebra schwarze oder weisse Streifen?

    Unser Kurator Dr. Pascal Marty erklärt es in 60 Sekunden.


    C. Bühler, Zollikerberg
    L. Grieser, Zürich
    N. + W. Hofmänner, Weisslingen
    E. Bosshard, Horgen
    A. + R. Müller, Warth
    V. Amberg, Oberwil-Lieli
    B. Frei, Schöfflisdorf
    G. + R. Brändli, Remetschwil
    S. Marg, Oberneunforn
    Ch. + M. Naville, Zürich
    J. Steiner-Schwager, Schweizersholz
    B. + R. Seidl, Haag (Rheintal)
    E. + H. Schmohl, Galgenen
    St. Stamm, Volketswil
    U. Martin, D-Gross-Gerau
    C. Schnadt, Birchwil
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