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  • Gestreifter Schnepfenmesserfisch im Zoo Zürich

    Coral shrimpfish

    Aeoliscus strigatus

    Closest relatives Ray fin, Syngnathiformes, razorfish
    Habitat Coral reefs, seagrass meadows up to 20 meters deep
    Behaviour Lives near the bottom, mostly in large shoals. Usually swims vertically with its head down. Hunts and hides between corals and also between the spines of sea urchins.
    Diet small crabs and plankton
    Body length up to 15 cm
    Spawn little known
    Use fishkeeping, not food fish but by-catch in trawl nets
    Current status unknown

    geographic range

    Verbreitung Gestreifter Schnepfenmesserfisch


    E. Suozzi + B. Meister, Schwerzenbach

    Conservation status

    IUCN RedList