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  • Gehörnter Kuhkofferfisch im Aquarium des Zoo Zürich.

    Longhorn cowfish

    Lactoria cornuta

    The angular body of the longhorn cowfish is armored with a bone plate under the scales and equipped with a strong skin poison that it needs for protection against other fish. It looks for its food - small invertebrates - by uncovering potential victims on the sea bottom using a water jet from the mouth.

    Closest relatives Pufferfish family, boxfish (37 species)
    Habitat Algae and seaweed meadows, coral reefs
    Behaviour Solitary, in pairs or one male with several females, territorial
    Diet Invertebrates, algae and seaweed
    Body length 30 cm
    Spawn no brood care, eggs are carried away by the current
    Use fishkeeping
    Current status unknown


    Conservation status

    IUCN RedList