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  • Afrikanische Zwergziege im Zoo Zürich.

    African Pygmy

    Capra aegagrus f. hircus

    The first wild goats were bred as domestic animals about 11,000 years ago. The African pygmy probably originated in the Middle East and was only brought to Africa later.

    Related to Even-toed ungulates, ruminants, bovidae, goats (63 species), domestic goats (over 300 different breeds)
    Habitat Domestic animal, wet steppes and moist forests
    Mode of life diurnal
    Social structure in herds, pronounced hierarchy in the group
    Diet Grasses, herbs, leaves, tree bark
    Weight Females up to 25 kg, Males up to 30 kg, Juveniles from 0.8 to 1.4 kg
    Shoulder height 40 to 50 cm
    Head-torso length 60 to 80 cm
    Tail length 10 to 14 cm
    Horns both sexes, male clearly larger
    Gestation time about 150 days
    Litter size 1 to 3 young
    Age of sexual maturity Female 7 months , Male 4 months
    Life expectancy 15 years
    Utilization in Africa for meat and leather, in Europe as a hobby and laboratory animal
    Population unknown, probably came from Asia via Egypt to West Africa, popular in Europe with hobby animal breeders
    At Zurich Zoo since 1961

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