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  • Buch Globi und der Polarforscher

    Book Globi and the Polar Explorer

    CHF 23.50

    Globi is taking a break in a mountain restaurant. Suddenly he hears loud creaking and cracking. What is going on? He learns that the building, like many in the mountain regions, is beginning to slide because of melting permafrost.
    Courageously, Globi has the astonished people gather all the mountain ropes that can be found in the house. He uses them to bind the wooden structure under the house together. This is to protect it from slipping.
    This action impresses Dr. Hansen from the Climate Research Institute in Greenland: "I'd like to have this clever guy as an assistant for my next trip to the Arctic Circle", he thinks to himself.
    Globi, happily surprised, agrees. And off he goes. And so he visits the Arctic and the Antarctic, has many adventures with local animals, and in the middle of the cold he meets a strange explorer. I wonder what he is up to?

    Recommended age: 3 - 12 years
    Language: German
    Creator of the Globi character: Robert Lips
    Picture stories and verses: Jürg Lendenmann
    Picture stories and drawings: Heiri Schmid

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