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  • Crescent-tail hogfish

    Crescent-tail hogfish

    Bodianus sepiacaudus

    Also know as candy cane hogfish the name is clearly derived from its external appearance. However, juveniles of this species are initially still black and white in color.

    All wrasse species are diurnal. At night they retreat into rock caves or burrow into the ground.

    Related to Perch family, wrasses (over 550 species)
    Habitat Reeefs at depths of 20 to 75 meters. Adults along ledges on bluffs at depths greater than 20 m, juveniles at about 50 m depth
    Mode of life In groups
    Diet Hard- and soft-shelled invertebrates, smaller fish
    Body length up to 9 cm
    Commerce Aquaristics
    Current population unknown


    Verbreitungskarte Zuckerstangen-Lippfisch

    Conservation status

    IUCN RedList