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  • Yamato shrimp

    Yamato shrimp

    Caridina multidentata (Syn.: Caridina japonica)

    The Yamato shrimp is also known as Amano shrimp. It has its main distribution area in southern Japan and Taiwan. It is very popular among aquarists as an algae eater.
    The habitat of the adult animals are rivers. However, their larvae are washed into the sea after hatching. From here they migrate back to the rivers.

    Closest relatives Crustacea, Decapoda, True shrimps
    Habitat Rivers; as larvae in the sea
    Poisonousness nontoxic
    Food Mainly algae
    Body length 5 cm
    Preproduction Males show a very active mating swim
    Life expectancy 8 years
    Use Aquarium keeping
    Population trend unknown
    At Zurich Zoo since 2016


    Verbreitungskarte Yamatonuma-Garnele

    Conservation status

    IUCN RedList