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  • Turopolje-Ferkel im Zoolino im Zoo Zürich
    Westafrikanische Zwergziege im Zoolino im Zoo Zürich
    Ponys im Zoolino im Zoo Zürich
    Zoolino im Zoo Zürich
    Brahmahuhn im Zoolino im Zoo Zürich


    The Zoolino is the place for direct encounters with the animals at Zoo Zurich. Here visitors can not only see pygmy goats, pigs and other domestic and farm animals, but also stroke them. The animals are free to retreat at any time. This meeting place aims to encourage children’s and adults’ interest in animals.


    Different types of working and domestic animals live in the Zoolino area:

    • Brahma chicken
    • Domestic rabbit
    • Guinea pig
    • Helmeted guineafowl
    • Mallard
    • Mini Shetland Pony
    • Ouessant sheep
    • Pekin chicken
    • Pomeranian goose
    • Pygmy goat
    • Turopolje pig
    • Wild turkey

    Find information on all these animal species in our animal lexicon:

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    Opening: 31. August 2002
    Area: 9600 m2
    Animals: var. domestic species
    Cost: CHF 8 m., funded with donations