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  • Humboldtpinguine im Zoo Zürich.

    Mosquitoes as vectors of avian malaria

    Mosquito traps were set up at the zoo as part of a research project by the Vetsuisse Faculty of the University of Zurich in collaboration with Zoo Zurich. The occurrence of different mosquito species and their possible role as vectors of avian malaria are being investigated. For this purpose, the trapped mosquitoes and a blood sample from the birds kept at the zoo are tested for the presence of the parasites.

    Blutparasit Haemoproteus syrnii

    The blood parasite Haemoproteus syrnii. Bild: Nemo Meier

    Humboldtpinguine im Zoo Zürich.

    May contract bird malaria: Humboldt penguins. Foto: Zoo Zürich, Enzo Franchini