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Schlafendes Bennett-Wallaby im Zoo Zürich.
Schlafende Capybaras im Zoo Zürich.

Coronavirus: Situation at Zoo Zurich

Due to the current situation in connection with the coronavirus, Zurich Zoo is currently closed to visitors.

Due to the new measures adopted by the Federal Council, Zurich Zoo has decided that the Zoo will remain closed to visitors from Saturday 14 March 2020. How long the closure will last is currently open.

The Zoo is constantly evaluating the situation in consultation with the authorities.  The current status can be viewed at any time on this page.

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Press release 13 March 2020


When will the zoo Zurich open again?
We comply with the official regulations. It is currently impossible to estimate when the zoo Zurich will be able to reopen its doors.

Can already purchased online tickets be redeemed later?
The validity of all online tickets already purchased has been extended until 31 July 2020. If you are unable to visit the Zoo by this date, please contact our visitor service by e-mail.

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Will the validity of my annual season ticket be extended by the duration of the Zoo's closure?
The zoo Zurich is currently in the process of clarifying this situation. Further information for holders of an Annual Pass will follow.

When will the new Lewa Savannah be open to zoo visitors?
It is planned that the Lewa Savannah will be open to zoo visitors as soon as Zurich Zoo reopens.

Will the exclusive tour of Lewa Savannah for donors take place on 7 April 2020?
No, the exclusive tour of Lewa Savannah on 7 April 2020 has been cancelled and there is no postponement date. We will inform the invited donors personally. 

Will the Lewa Savannah opening ceremony take place on 8 April 2020?
No, the Lewa Savannah opening ceremony on April 8, 2020 will not take place and will be postponed. When and in what form the celebrations will take place is currently still open. We will inform the invited guests personally.

Please follow the hygiene measures recommended by the Swiss Confederation:

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