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    Corona Infos

    What do you need to bear in mind on your next visit under the current conditions?

    Zurich Zoo has been partially reopened since March 1, 2021. All outdoor areas will be accessible. he Lewa and Masoala buildings will also be accessible as walk-through areas. The remaining animal houses and the restaurants will remain closed. Food and beverages can be obtained at the takeaway stations. For more information and answers to questions about visiting the zoo, please read this page.

    Current number of visitors at the zoo

    Current number of visitors in relation to the maximum number of visitors present at the same time (5,320) at the zoo:


    How do I get there?

    Please note that the number of parking spaces at the zoo is limited. We therefore recommend that you travel by public transport. With the SBB RailAway combination ticket you benefit from reduced fares and zoo admission.

    To the RailAway offer

    Is there a mask obligation?

    There is a general obligation to wear a mask throughout Zoo Zurich. You can either bring your own masks or purchase them at the visitor center or the zoo shops. If wearing a mask is not possible for medical reasons, a medical certificate must be presented.

    What can I experience at the Zoo?

    In order to comply with the distance rules and to enable visitors to have a pleasant and safe visit to the zoo, there are restrictions. Throughout zoo Zurich, a general mask requirement applies to visitors over the age of 12. Due to the current COVID-19 regulation, the animal houses are closed until further notice. Nevertheless, the normal admission prices apply. We ask for your understanding. All outdoor areas will be accessible. The Lewa and Masoala buildings will also be accessible as walk-through areas. Animal presentations and feedings will not be conducted at this time. 

    Closed animal houses:

    • Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park: elephants visible on the outdoor area
    • Great Ape House: gorillas and orangutans visible on the outdoor enclosures depending on weather conditions
    • Exotarium: Humboldt penguins visible on the outdoor area, king penguins not visible
    • Australia enclosure: wallabies and emus visible on the outdoor area, koalas visible on the outdoor enclosures depending on weather conditions
    • Lion house: lions visible on the outdoor area
    • Turtle house: Galapagos giant tortoises visible on the outdoor area, depending on weather conditions
    • Antelope house: Arabian oryx visible on the outdoor area

    The playgrounds are open. The Masoala Express will be running from March 13, 2021.

    How do I get food at the Zoo?

    The zoo restaurants are currently closed. Various takeaways and picnic areas are available throughout the zoo as an alternative. The zoo stores are open for your convenience.

    The following takeaways are open daily:

    • Ubele Kiosk (Lewa) - hot meals, snacks
    • Himalayan kiosk (Tigers) - sausages
    • Gaucho Grill (Pantanal) - hot meals, snacks
    • Penguin Kiosk - crêpes, piadina, churros
    • Zoo Shop at the main entrance
    • Masoala Shop

    The following takeaways are open as needed:

    • Pranburi Kiosk (Elephant Park) - Thai food
    • Kifaru Bar - ice cream, hot and cold beverages
    • Africa Kiosk (Dscheladas) - hot dogs, snacks
    • Foodtruck (Australia) - fish & chips, snacks
    • Lion Kiosk - snacks

    Closed are:

    • Restaurant Pantanal
    • Restaurant Masoala
    • Restaurant Altes Klösterli
    • Zoo Café
    • Säntisblick
    • Camel Kiosk

    How do I get a ticket?

    Buy your ticket from the comfort of your own home in our online store as well as in the Zoo App or at the cash desk at the main entrance. No prior reservation of your visit to the zoo is necessary. Vouchers can still be redeemed at the cash desk.

    Buy a ticket now

    I have an annual pass, how can I visit to the zoo?

    Annual pass holders can visit the Zoo at any time. However, due to the maximum number of visitors (5,320), waiting times may occur in extreme cases.

    Is my admission guaranteed at all times?

    Annual pass holders and visitors with an online ticket have access to a Fast Lane. Depending on the number of visitors, however, waiting times may occur, especially on weekends and public holidays. We ask for your understanding.

    How am I protected at the Zoo?

    Zurich Zoo implements various measures to ensure that distance and hygiene rules are observed and that visitors can visit the Zoo safely. The measures for the individual areas in detail can be found here (German): 

    Protection concept for zoos, animal and game parks

    Swiss retail

    Gastro Suisse

    For schools and groups

    Schools and groups of 10 or more people should register in advance. Reservation: please make a reservation at least 24 hours before your visit to the zoo.
    Please enter your details: Group name, contact person, number of persons, category (adults, teenagers, children) e-mail address and telephone number.

    Please send us an e-mail to or contact us by phone 044 254 25 43

    Webcam main entrance

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