• Besucher im Masoala Regenwald im Zoo Zürich

Visitor Code

All visitors to Zoo Zurich must follow the rules of the Visitor Code listed below. People who do not comply with these rules may be asked to leave the zoo. The instructions of staff must be followed at all times.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you an enjoyable stay at Zoo Zurich.

Special notice: Please note that scooters and similar wheeled devices are not permitted at Zoo Zurich. There is an unguarded storage facility next to the main entrance. If you wish to store them in a closed room, we charge a fee of CHF 5.– per vehicle.

  • For safety reasons, children under the age of twelve must be accompanied by an adult at all times during their visit to Zoo Zurich. Parents are liable for their children.
  • Keep your admission ticket with you until you conclude your visit to Zoo Zurich. You may occasionally be requested to show it to a member of staff.
  • Please adhere to the opening hours of Zoo Zurich. Outside of the opening hours, visitors are not allowed inside Zoo Zurich, except during guided tours and closed events.
  • All animals at Zoo Zurich receive carefully composed feed that suits their requirements and behavior. In order to avoid endangering the health of the animals and encouraging them to beg for food, feeding is strictly forbidden in all areas of Zoo Zurich. The sole exception: in the Zoolino area, the feed sold on site can be offered to the animals.
  • Climbing over barriers or reaching into enclosures is strictly prohibited.
  • Animals also need rest. Never try to attract the attention of any animals (e.g. by knocking on glass, etc.). Making music or loud noise or playing any audio equipment is not allowed at Zoo Zurich.
  • No dogs or other animals are allowed in Zoo Zurich. Dog crates are available from the main desk. Exception: guide dogs and helping dogs for visitors with motor disabilities are allowed in Zoo Zurich. The Saimiri Island in the Pantanal area is exempt, however. Not even assistance dogs can enter there.
  • Photography and filming at Zoo Zurich is allowed for personal use only. A permit must be obtained for commercial recordings. Please note that flash photography is prohibited in some houses.
  • Help us keep Zoo Zurich clean. Use the bins provided.
  • Smoking is permitted outdoors or in designated "smoking zones". Out of consideration for our animals and our Zoo visitors, smoking is prohibited in all buildings and animal houses and at the entrances to Zoo Zurich, the animal houses and the zoo restaurants as well as in walk-in animal enclosures (such as Australia, Monkey Island, Ibis Aviary outdoor areas). This also applies to e-cigarettes.
  • Bicycles including children’s bicycles, kick scooters, skateboards, roller skates, in-line skates, etc., are not permitted at Zoo Zurich. There is an unguarded storage facility next to the main entrance. If you wish to store them in a closed room, we charge a fee of CHF 5.– per vehicle.
  • Balloons, balls, frisbees, etc., are also prohibited at Zoo Zurich.