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Answers and links to further information on frequently asked questions related to Zoo Zurich.

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Is Zoo Zurich open on public holidays?

Yes. Zoo Zurich is open 365 (or 366) days a year.

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Are parking lots available at Zoo Zurich? What do they cost? How long can I park?

Zoo Zurich recommends using public transport to get to the zoo. A limited number of metered parking lots belonging to the City of Zurich are available for cars. If all parking lots are occupied, visitors need to use external parking lots.

Parking rates: from Monday to Saturday, CHF 0.50/hour, on Sundays and public holidays, CHF 2.00/hour. Maximum parking duration: Monday to Saturday, 6 hours, Sundays and public holidays, 8 hours.

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How do I best get to Zoo Zurich using public transport?

There are many bus and tram connections from Zurich and Stettbach:

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Do non-guided groups need to register?

No. Non-guided groups do not need to register in advance. The leader of the group is requested to state the number of people in the group at the main cash desk and obtain tickets for the entire group. The group members should wait away from the main cash desk.

Is there a discount for recipients of AHV (pensioners)?

Yes. Every Monday (except public holidays) there is a special price of CHF 21.– for persons over 64 years of age.

Who can be included in an annual family ticket? How many people can be included?

An annual family ticket to Zoo Zurich covers ...

  • parents with their own children aged between 6 and 15;
  • grandparents with their own grandchildren aged between 6 and 15 from one family;
  • life partners living in the same household.

Can I buy gift vouchers for Zoo Zurich?

Yes. You can buy gift vouchers online (credit card), by telephone on 044 254 25 43 or by email (invoice with a deposit slip). Shipping costs CHF 7.00.

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Are dogs allowed at Zoo Zurich?

No. Dogs are not allowed in Zoo Zurich. Dog crates are available from the main desk.

Exception: guide dogs and helping dogs for visitors with motor disabilities are allowed in Zoo Zurich. The Saimiri Island in the Pantanal area is exempt, however. Not even assistance dogs can enter there.

Are you allowed to eat in the animal enclosures?

Yes, with the exception of the Masoala Rain Forest. We also ask you to refrain from bringing your own food into the restaurants.

Are there barbecue places at Zoo Zurich?

No. For safety reasons, there are no fireplaces on the premises of the zoo. Several fireplaces are freely available in the adjacent forest on Zürichberg.

All picnic spots and playgrounds at Zoo Zurich are marked on the zoo map.

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What do I do if I have lost something at Zoo Zurich?

Contact the visitors’ center near the main entrance (044 254 25 43) or register the lost item in our online Lost & Found.

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Are lockers available at Zoo Zurich?

Yes. They are located near the main entrance and at the Masoala Rain Forest.

Are there any ATMs at Zoo Zurich?

Not on the zoo premises themselves.An ATM operated by ZKB can be found immediately below the main entrance.

Is there a mobile phone charging station at Zoo Zurich?

Yes. It is located at the Pantanal restaurant. Use at your own risk; Zoo Zurich does not assume any liability.

Is there a discount for entrance exclusively to the Masoala Rain Forest?

No. The Masoala Rain Forest is an integral feature of Zoo Zurich.

Why are the adventure paths in the Masoala Rain Forest closed off?

The adventure paths can only be entered in the company of a visitor guide. This is for safety reasons, to ensure that the animals get sufficient rest and to protect the sensitive flora.

Are there individual guided tours of the Masoala Rain Forest?

FTZ, the volunteers team of Zoo Zurich, offers guided tours on the adventure paths every Saturday between 10.30 and 11.30 am. Prior registration is not required.

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We also offer a public adventure tour at regular intervals.

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Guided tours for groups of 20 people and more can be booked from our events department.

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Is the Masoala Rain Forest accessible to people with walking aids?

Yes. The main paths of the Masoala Rain Forest are paved with tarmac and accessible to wheelchairs.

Is it possible to sponsor an animal? How will my money be used?

Yes. Your sponsorship will cover food and care for your sponsored animal for one year.

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Are other types of sponsorship available?

Yes. Besides the animal sponsorship program, you can also sponsor plants.

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Does Zoo Zurich offer shares?

The Zoo Zurich Foundation sells registered shares with a value of CHF 150.00 each (face value CHF 50.00). You can personally become a shareholder or gift shares to somebody else.

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