Mongolian steppe

The Mongolian steppe is home to a group of Bactrian camels, domesticated yak and cashmere goats. In addition, it has a small yurt village. It is possible to spend the night there as part of our «Night Walks».

Our Mongolian Steppe is home to five Bactrian camels, seven domesticated yaks and two Cashmere goats.

The Bactrian camels:

  • Shamira (f), *6.2002 (private owner), in Zurich since 26.8.2009
  • Ona (f), *21.2.2009 at Walter Zoo (Gossau), in Zurich since 4.5.010
  • Thari (f), *3.2012 (private owner), in Zurich since 3.2015
  • Nara (f), *24.4.2013 at Zoo Zurich, parents: Ona & Ulan-Ude
  • Ponnaya (f), *7.4.2015 at Zoo Zurich, parents: Ona & Ulan-Ude

The yaks:

  • Pasang (f), *22.4.2010 (private owner), in Zurich since 7.4.2015
  • Lili (f), *6.5.2012 (private owner), in Zurich since 7.4.2015
  • Abella (f), *1.9.2014 (private owner), in Zurich since 7.4.2015
  • Qara (f), *7.10.2016 at Zoo Zurich, parents: Lili & Yndi
  • Rintschen (m), *14.5.2017 at Zoo Zurich, parents: Abella & Yndi
  • Rajiv (m), *21.6.2017 at Zoo Zurich, parents: Pasang & Yndi
  • Sahila (f), *14.5.2018 at Zoo Zurich, parents: Lili & Yndi

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The design of the Mongolian Steppe uses a small number of prominent elements. Firstly, we have Cyclopean walls made from alpine limestone. In the upper area, the walls are built from broken stones on the model of the Himalayas. From the yurt village to the pool, round granite boulders complete the picture. Its second distinguishing element are the wooden buildings. The two open management buildings are designed as simple wooden structures with typical, stone-clad shingle roofs. Chestnut fences surround the enclosures, allowing for flexible management. Thirdly, our most striking objects are seven original Mongolian yurts (Mongolian: ger). They constitute the actual center of the enclosure.

The Mongolian Steppe at Zoo Zurich.
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Mongolische Steppe
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Mongolische Steppe
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Mongolische Steppe

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