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  • Zoo Board of Management Chairman Martin Naville (left) and Zoo Director Severin Dressen in the Lewa Savanna.

    Visions for the future

    In its success story since 1929, Zoo Zurich is once again at an exciting point in its development. It has grown to become the most popular educational and leisure facility in Switzerland and sets international standards in the zoo world. We would like to build on this achievement and further expand Zoo Zurich in the coming decades. Because like any zoo, ours is never finished.

    These visions for the future form the guidelines for our work up to the year 2050. They show how we as a zoo will face the environmental challenges of our society and how we can preserve endangered animal species and habitats.

    We held intensive discussions for the visions in numerous workshops, put our fantasies into words and sketches and merged them into concepts. Our thanks go to our colleagues at Zoo Zurich, but also to everyone who contributed to the creation with their outside perspective.

    Our thanks also go to you. Zoo Zurich can count itself lucky with its broad roots in the population and strong political support. After all, it is the support and passion of many individuals, including you, that is paving the way for us into the future. We look forward to sharing this moment of departure into the future with you and to shaping the next stage of Zoo Zurich together.

    Martin Naville, Chairman of the Board of Management, and Dr. Severin Dressen, Zoo Director