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  • Rotschwanz-Ährenfisch im Zoo Zürich


    Bedotia geayi

    Closest relatives Perch family, silversides (60 species)
    Habitat Flowing waters between 300 and 650 meters above sea level
    Behaviour in small shoals of up to 12 animals
    Diet Insects, invertebrates, occasionally plant parts
    Body length up to 15 cm
    Spawn Eggs are deposited among delicate aquatic plants
    Breeding period 4 to 5 days
    Life expectancy unknown
    Use Fishing
    Current status Decreasing distribution, in decline
    At Zurich Zoo since 2008

    geographic range

    Verbreitungskarte Rotschwanz-Ährenfisch


    V. Dittli, Erstfeld
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    Conservation status

    IUCN RedList