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  • Ohrfleck Röhrenaal im Zoo Zürich

    Spotted garden eel

    Heteroconger hassi

    Closest relatives Eels, congers, tube eels (35 species)
    Habitat sandy bottom soil near current-swept coral reefs at 7 - 45 meters depth
    Behaviour in large groups up to several thousand animals, attached to the ground
    Diet floating plankton
    Body length 40 cm, Body length: up to 1.4 cm
    Spawn free-swimming spawn, no brood care
    Current status unknown, not threatened
    At Zurich Zoo since 2016

    Verbreitung Ohrfleck-Röhrenaal


    S. Brander, Zürich
    K. Kägi, Feusisberg
    M. Basler, Aarau
    M. Hari, Hettlingen

    Conservation status

    IUCN RedList