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  • Sechsstreifen-Lippfisch im Zoo Zürich.

    Six-line wrasse

    Pseudocheilinus hexataenia

    Closest relatives Perch family, wrasse (over 550 species)
    Habitat Outer reefs 2 to 35 meters deep, hidden behind branch corals
    Behaviour diurnal, solitary, also in harem groups with dominant secondary male (former females, which have converted to males)
    Diet small crabs, mussels, fish eggs, snails, crab larvae
    Body length up to 10 cm
    Spawn Spawn is released into the open water, no brood care
    Use fishkeeping
    Current status still widespread, stocks development unknown

    geographic range

    Verbreitungskarte Sechsstreifen-Lippfisch


    D. Meier, Zürich
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    Conservation status

    IUCN RedList