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  • Schützenfisch im Zoo Zürich.

    Seven-spot archerfish

    Toxotes chatareus

    The main distribution areas of archerfish are India, New Guinea, Australia, the Philippines, Southeast Asia, Oceania, the Red Sea, China and Thailand. Archerfish lives in shallow lakes, fresh water and brackish water. There it can be found in estuaries and lagoons of mangrove forests and mangrove swamps with dense vegetation. Archerfish can survive in fresh and salt water with temperatures of 25 to 30 degrees centigrade. In almost all cases archerfish can be found near the water surface to practice its predatory habits.

    Closest relatives Perch family, archerfish (7 species)
    Habitat Brackish water in lagoons and estuaries, mangroves, tolerates large fluctuations in water temperature and salinity
    Behaviour diurnal, solitary, young fish in small groups
    Venomousness non-toxic
    Diet mostly still living invertebrates such as flies, grasshoppers, ants
    Body length up to 25 cm
    Spawn up to 150,000 eggs
    Use fishkeeping, meat, as fish feed in aqua farms
    Current status abundant, stock trends unclear
    At Zurich Zoo since 2016

    geographic range

    Verbreitungskarte Schützenfisch


    A. + S. + B. + J. Klink, Sursee
    St. Würzer, Gossau ZH
    A. Winkler, Burgdorf
    S. Spahr + Ch. Witzig, Bottmingen
    Master Management AG, Zumikon
    A. Humbel, Wiesendangen
    Master Management AG, Zumikon
    Master Management AG, Zumikon
    K. Walder-Kämpfer, Bern
    S. Bächli, Adliswil
    Master Management AG, Zumikon
    Master Management AG, Zumikon
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    IUCN RedList