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  • Weisskehldoktor im Zoo Zürich

    Powder blue surgeonfish

    Acanthurus leucosternon

    Closest relatives Surgeonfish (80 species)
    Habitat Coral reefs, flat reef surfaces
    Behaviour Forming shoals in search of food, with enough food also solitary
    Diet Algae and plankton
    Body length up to 23 cm
    Spawn no brood care. To spawn, surgeonfish swims out into the sea. Its larvae are carried away by the sea currents.
    Use Food fish, fishkeeping
    Current status still widespread

    geographic range

    Verbreitung Weisskehldoktor


    Th. Oswald + S. Cecuta
    S. Eisenring, Winterthur
    Dr. med. Ch. Porchet, Zürich
    J. Steinegger, Altendorf
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    Conservation status

    IUCN RedList