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  • Erdmännchen-Gruppe

    Annual passes

    Holders of an annual, two-year or three-year pass do not have to queue at the entrance and benefit from discounts.

    Categorie Fee
    Families (2 adults with own children 6-15 years) CHF 230.–
    Grandparents (with max. four own grandchildren, 6–15 years) CHF 230.–
    Single parents (1 adult with own children 6–15 years) CHF 190.–
    Adults (21 years and older) CHF 145.–
    Young people (16–20 years) CHF 100.–
    Children (6–15 years) CHF 75.–
    Disability insurance recipients with valid DI-card CHF 75.–
    Companies (4 transferable single passes, valid for one year only) CHF 1500.–

    Discounts for multi-annual passes:

    • 2 years: 10% discount
    • 3 years: 15% discount

    Annual passes are non-transferable.

    Gift certificates for annual passes may be ordered at the visitor center by the main entrance or online:

    Online shop

    Annual pass holders are automatically members of the Tiergarten-Gesellschaft Zürich TGZ, Zoo Zurich’s support association .


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