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Masoala Regenwald im Zoo Zürich
Kaeng Krachan Elefantenpark im Zoo Zürich
Aussenanlage Australien im Zoo Zürich.
Aquarium im Zoo Zürich.
Mongolische Steppe im Zoo Zürich

Selected exhibits

Zoo Zurich's animals live in exhibits designed to mimic nature. Find all of them on the zoo map:

Take a look

The exhibits replicate the animals’ natural habitats as closely as possible. Habitats to be seen are:

  • mountainous cloud forest
  • wetlands and marine ecosystems
  • highlands
  • deciduous and dry forest
  • seacoast
  • savanna and grassland
  • settlement area (farms and houses)
  • tropical rainforest
  • desert and steppe

Below you find more information about a selection of Zoo Zurich's most important and/or newest exhibits.