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Menarambo-Buntbarsch im Zoo Zürich.

Pinstripe damba

Paretroplus menarambo

Almost extinct unidentified

Pinstripe damba was unknown to science until it was discovered in a lake and described in the 1990s.
Almost too late, it seemed. Shortly after, it became extinct at the site it was discovered. The species was overfished and displaced by foreign invaders.
Fortunately, scientists discovered another population in Lac Tseny in 2006.

The last of its Kind

Lac Tseny is the last lake where the pinstripe damba survives in the wild. It is included in the Red List of Endangered Species
It is described as “threatened with extinction”. There are several breeding groups in Europe and the US,
to ensure survival of the species.
Der Lac Tseny ist der letzte See, wo der Menarambo-Buntbarsch in Freiheit lebt. Auf der Roten Liste der bedrohten Tierarten ist er deshalb als «vom Aussterben bedroht» eingestuft. In Europa und in den USA bestehen einige Zuchtgruppen, die das Überleben der Art sichern sollen.

Closest relatives Perch family, cichlids (1700 species)
Habitat Lakes
Behaviour in small shoals
Diet Mollusks, crustaceans, plankton
Body length 25 cm
Spawn Eggs in substrate, both parents breed and guard the eggs Breeding period: unknown
Breeding period unknown
Life expectancy unknown
Use formerly an important food fish
Current status in Lac Tseny, extinct in Lac Sandrano
At Zurich Zoo since 2012

geographic range

Verbreitungskarte Menarambo-Buntbarsch


Z. Thévenaz, Genève
S. Kilchmann, Wetzikon