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  • Buch Hunde_Nashörner

    When dogs protect rhinos

    CHF 52.00

    What can little Switzerland achieve in international nature conservation? A great deal, says Zurich Zoo!
    Zurich Zoo is helping to ensure that dogs protect rhinos in Kenya, that elephants and humans clash less frequently in Thailand, and that whistling frogs are saved from extinction in Colombia. Zurich's conservation efforts are even having an impact in the USA, where the detective work of a Swiss zoo employee helped to enforce a law against the illegal timber trade. Author Claudia Walder describes these and other exciting stories from Zurich Zoo's commitment to nature conservation in the book. It brings readers closer to the people behind the projects, as well as the animals and habitats whose disappearance would be an all too great loss.
    From Swiss bat roosts to the Lewa Savannah in Kenya to the penguins in Antarctica: the book, written in cooperation with the experts at Zurich Zoo, takes the reader into the fascinating habitats of the animal species that Zurich Zoo is committed to preserving. In impressive examples, Claudia Walder describes how conservation efforts from small Switzerland have an impact all over the world.

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