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    Gurinder Tee Indian Chai 130 g

    CHF 17.50

    Gurinder's traditional Indian Chai blend makes for a truly distinctive and original Chai experience.

    Are you curious about foreign cultures, tastes and spices? Then travel to India. Or else: discover our chai tea at home! Turmeric, ajwain, cardamom, ginger, pepper and Assam Gold tea add something great to every cup of chai.

    Sometimes it's enough to discover a new world with a cup of the best tea. The Chai Latte variant - with a little milk and sugar - has established itself on the menus of quite a few trendy restaurants.
    Assam tea is named after the Indian region of Assam where it is produced. It stretches across the south-eastern Himalayas and borders Bhutan and Bangladesh. Our Assam tea was picked in the famous gardens of the picturesque Brahmaputra Valley.

    Ingredients: Assam tea (black tea), cardamom, ginger, fennel, turmeric, aniseed, ajwain, Tellicherry pepper, cinnamon, cloves.

    • Indian Chai tea should be brewed at a water temperature of 95-100°C.
    • It is advisable to let the boiled water stand in the kettle for a short time before pouring it into your teapot or cup
    • Without added flavours
    • Brewing time: 5 - 7 minutes
    • Loose Tea

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