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    Gurinder Tea Moroccan Mint 40 g

    CHF 16.50

    The Moroccan Mint tea by Gurinder is a great creation of nana mint, real Jade Oolong tea and a hint of peppermint - inspired by the popular Japanese Sencha green tea. This tea blend can be enjoyed throughout the day.
    Sencha green tea is grown at the southernmost end of Japan, in Kagoshima Prefecture, and is made according to Japanese tradition including several weeks of shading. The infusion is green to golden in colour. The refreshing notes, the slight sweetness and the balanced, clear taste create a perfect harmony and a delicious fragrance.

    Jade Oolong (Wu Long, 乌龙) is a wonderful tea from the Chinese province of Hubei. It is characterised by a fine aroma and a nuanced, flowery as well as fruity-soft fragrance. Jade Oolong is a versatile tea that also goes well with meals.

    Ingredients: Nanamint, Sencha tea, lemongrass, Jade Oolong tea, peppermint.

    • Moroccan Mint tea should be brewed at a water temperature of 80-85°C.
    • It is advisable to let the boiled water stand in the kettle for a short time before pouring it into your teapot or cup
    • Without added flavours
    • Brewing time 5 - 7 minutes
    • Loose Tea

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