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    Gurinder Tea Ginger Lemon 70 g

    CHF 16.50

    The Ginger Lemon tea from Gurinder is a wonderfully warming refreshment for a short break - alone or with friends and guests. The Ginger Lemon tea is refined with Japanese Sencha Shizuoka green tea. The fruity pungency of the ginger and the orange blossom, supported by the freshness of lemongrass and aromatic spearmint, make this tea a delight.

    Shizuoka is the largest and most important tea-growing region in Japan: the soil, climate and location are ideal for growing top-quality tea. Sencha-Superior-Shizuoka, the fine-leafed green tea with a clear, golden-green colour is fresh and rich in vitamin C.

    Ingredients: Sencha green tea, ginger, liquorice root, spearmint, lemongrass, orange blossom, lemon balm, safflower blossom.

    • Ginger Lemon tea should be brewed at a water temperature of 80-85°C.
    • It is advisable to let the boiled water stand in the kettle for a short time before pouring it into your teapot or cup
    • Without added flavours
    • Brewing time 5 - 7 minutes
    • Loose tea

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