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  • Magic Eyes of Masoala

    Magic Eyes of Masoala

    CHF 59.90
    Madagascar is regarded as a jewel of nature, where due to its isolated location away from all continents, a unique flora and fauna was able to develop with numerous species that are found nowhere else in the world. This includes an amazing and unique variety of butterflies - and especially moths, which are systematically presented here for the first time in detail with over 1,000 photos. All displayed animals were photographed alive, as they were captured at night by Armin Dett with the help of a light trap and then released.In cooperation with leading collections and scientists they were identified and assigned, their genus families characterized and described. The book not only make you marvel at nature's amazing creativeness through the stunning photos, but also provides an identification guide and is a valuable research tool. Furthermore, it is an important record of the current time, as climate change and habitat destruction due to clearing and population growth threaten this natural paradise in the Indian Ocean.

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