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  • Kinderbuch Teddy
    Kinderbuch Teddy
    Kinderbuch Teddy

    Book Teddy

    CHF 39.90

    Do you know the Collar Bear, the Sloth Bear or the Malayan Bear? No? Do you want to know where these bears live? Then come with us on a journey around the world and get to know the big bears of our earth together with Teddy. At the same time, you will experience how Teddy unconsciously loses his self-doubt.

    Everything is drawn in great detail with coloured pencils and realised in the Zurich Oberland. Around 800 hours of drawing, layout and text have gone into the extensive 48 pages of content. It delights the hearts of children between the ages of 4 and 10, but also those of adults, with its loving drawings. It is an educational book about geography and bear species, made of high-quality paper from sustainable forestry, partly with straw inclusions. The book was printed climate neutrally and bound by hand.

    The book is lovingly printed in Switzerland in a climate-neutral way and bound by hand.
    The cover and endpapers of the book are made of haptically beautiful paper with straw inclusions - the Gmund Bio Cycle straw paper. Both papers come from sustainable forestry.

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