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  • Buch Globi im Reich der Tiere

    Book Globi in the Realm of the Animals

    CHF 23.50

    Globi comes through a dark forest and, thanks to the owls, finds his way to the kingdom of the animals, where King Lion reigns. He immediately bursts into a plenary meeting of the animals. It turns out that the kingdom has many problems and also a real villain, the fox. Globi helps the animals, builds and invents many useful things and finds a way to catch the nasty fox. 

    What he experiences there can be read in this exciting book!

    Recommended age: 3 - 12 years
    Language: German
    Creator of the Globi character: Robert Lips
    Picture stories and verses: Jürg Lendenmann
    Picture stories and drawings: Heiri Schmid


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