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  • Globi Buch

    Book Globi and the Oceans

    CHF 23.50

    In the museum, Globi trips over his backpack and destroys a valuable shell. He can't let that happen to him! A grandiose journey begins across oceans and continents, to faraway places, in search of a replacement.
    Globi sails through the Atlantic, sails across the Pacific Ocean, travels to the Galapagos Islands, stops in Australia and stands at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.
    Many adventures and encounters, above and under water, are pre-programmed. Always with him is his new friend Kiki, a little seagull.
    Unfortunately, Globi also experiences sad things, such as how badly some animals and plants are doing in the sea. He even gets caught in the big Pacific rubbish whirlpool. Globi can't believe what he sees there!
    But in the end he can replace the shell and everyone is happy. A typical Globi! Lively, adventurous, inventive, committed!

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