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  • Koala in der Australienanlage im Zoo Zürich.

    Grusswort der Australischen Botschafterin

    A very kind message from HE Lynette Wood, Australian Ambassador to Switzerland, for the opening of the Australia exhibit at Zoo Zurich.

    «My warmest congratulations to everyone at the Zurich Zoo for the opening of the new ‹Australia Exhibit›.

    I am delighted that visitors from Switzerland and around the world will now have a chance to see and appreciate our unique wildlife.

    The establishment of this enclosure, housing koalas, wallabies, emus and other Australian wildlife is the result of lots of hard work, and the realisation of a long-held dream. Well done for achieving this impressive milestone.

    I commend the Zurich Zoo for its efforts educating the wider community about the importance of conserving our natural environment and wildlife.

    The motto of the zoo is ‹when one knows an animal, one protects it›. By letting us witness animals up close, the Zurich Zoo helps remind us just how special our natural world is – and how critical it is that we protect it.

    In keeping with Zurich Zoo’s long and proud history of conservation, it has partnered with the ‹Aussie Ark› program, which is protecting wildlife and habitat in northern New South Wales.

    This project will play a key role maintaining a healthy population of some of Australia’s most at-risk animal species. These efforts not only help preserve our planet’s biodiversity, they also safeguard these species for enjoyment by future generations.

    Congratulations again for the official opening. I very much look forward to my next visit to the Zurich Zoo!»

    Lynette Wood

    Australian Ambassador to Switzerland

    28 March 2018


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