• Weisskehl-Doktorfisch im Zoo Zürich

Powder blue surgeonfish

Acanthurus leucosternon

Closest relativesSurgeonfish (80 species)
HabitatCoral reefs, flat reef surfaces
BehaviourForming shoals in search of food, with enough food also solitary
DietAlgae and plankton
Body lengthup to 23 cm
Spawnno brood care. To spawn, surgeonfish swims out into the sea. Its larvae are carried away by the sea currents.
UseFood fish, fishkeeping
Current statusstill widespread


Verbreitung Weisskehl-Doktorfisch


Dr. med. Ch. Porchet, Zürich
V. Buchmüller, Wettingen
K. Kubik, Binz
R. Nachbur, Zürich
Dr. P. Leippert, Jegenstorf