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  • Marakeli-Buntbarsch im Zoo Zürich.


    Paratilapia polleni

    Cichlids are a family of bony fish with about 1,700 species, which mainly inhabit tropical and subtropical America, the whole of Africa as well as India. They live mainly in fresh water, some species also in brackish water. Cichlids usually eat a predatory diet and have a pronounced brood-care behavior. Some species are popular fishkeeping fish. The Zoo is home to several cichlid species, mainly from the Malawi and Tanganyika lakes in the East African rift valley.

    Closest relatives Perch family, cichlids
    Habitat Rock and sand littoral, open deep water, open surface water
    Diet Algae, small fish, snails, insect larvae

    Verbreitungskarte Marakeli-Buntbarsch
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    IUCN RedList