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Mandarinfisch im Zoo Zürich


Synchiropus splendidus

When mating, the mandarinfish swim abdomen to abdomen towards the water surface, sink back together and start the ascent again. This synchronized behavior serves to deposit and fertilize their spawn in a channel between two abdomens.

Closest relatives Perch family, lyrefish (over 190 species)
Habitat Lagoons and reefs up to 18 meters deep, near sandy or muddy ground
Behaviour diurnal
Diet small invertebrates
Body length 5 cm, males up to 8 cm
Spawn Mating ritual takes place at dusk, spawn is free-drifting and is not guarded
Use fishkeeping
Current status unknown

geographic range

Verbreitungskarte Mandarinfisch


Q. Gindrat, Winterthur
Ch. Arnold, Uster
A. + A. Annen, Oetwil am See
A. + A. Annen, Oetwil am See
A. Widmer, Lenzburg
K. Hürzeler, Urdorf