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  • Rodrigues-Flughund auf einer Bananenblüte im Masoala Regenwald des Zoo Zürich

    GTC Zoo Zürich AG

    1. Scope of Application

    These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between the Customer (hereinafter referred to as «Customer») and Zoo Zürich AG (hereinafter referred to as «Zoo Zurich»). A Customer is any natural or legal person who has a business relationship with Zoo Zurich. The GTCs may be subject to adjustments from time to time.

    The offer to conclude a contract is made by the Customer by submitting a request to Zoo Zurich to purchase an admission ticket for a visit to Zoo Zurich, a related service or goods. The contract between the Customer and Zoo Zurich is concluded by Zoo Zurich's acceptance of this request.

    When contracts are concluded via the Zoo Zurich Online Shop, the «GTCs Zoo Zurich Online Shop» shall also apply, which contain specific regulations for visiting the website and making bookings via the Online Shop. With regard to contracts concluded via the Zoo Zurich Online Shop, the «GTCs Zoo Zurich Online Shop» shall take precedence over these GTCs, unless the «GTCs Zoo Zurich Online Shop» refer to these GTCs (e.g. with regard to general provisions for tickets).

    In addition to these GTCs, the visitor regulations must be observed when visiting Zoo Zurich.

    Regarding the booking and holding of events, seminars and courses by Zoo Zurich or Zoo Restaurants GmbH, the specific «GTCs Events, Courses and Seminars» shall apply in addition. These take precedence over these GTCs, unless reference is made to these GTCs in the «GTCs Events, Courses and Seminars» (e.g. concerning behavior on Zoo premises). 

    Should individual provisions of these GTCs prove to be invalid or unenforceable or become invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

    2. Tickets

    2.1 Common provisions for all ticket categories

    In the case of written bookings, bookings via the Internet or other electronic means of communication, insofar as these are recognized by Zoo Zurich for the purchase of tickets, acceptance of the booking shall be expressly confirmed to the Customer. This confirmation, together with any service descriptions and the fee to be paid, constitutes the contract. The contract is only concluded upon delivery of the confirmation by Zoo Zurich. Written confirmation may also be provided electronically. If services are purchased or ordered verbally at the designated points of sale, the contract shall come into effect upon the unconditional acceptance of the order on site by Zoo Zurich.

    The «GTCs Zoo Zurich Online Shop» shall apply in addition to the conclusion of the contract for orders placed on the Zoo Zurich website or in the Zoo Zurich Online Shop.

    Zoo Zurich may only be entered with valid tickets. The tickets entitle the holder to enter and stay at Zoo Zurich during the designated opening hours - except for special events marked as such.

    Tickets must be scanned at the gate upon entry to Zoo Zurich and then carried in Zoo Zurich and presented upon request. Day tickets become invalid when the Zoo closes on the day of the visit.

    Holders of non-transferable tickets, such as the annual pass, will have a digital photograph taken for storage purposes to verify identity when the annual pass is first issued. On each subsequent visit to the Zoo, identity may be checked at the time of admission. Use of the image data for purposes other than identity verification when visiting the Zoo is excluded. You can find more information in our Privacy Policy regarding the storage of image data by Zoo Zurich. 

    Resale of the tickets or any other commercial use is prohibited unless the tickets are explicitly marked as transferable. Tickets acquired without authorization or misused will lose their validity. The persons in question may be barred from entering Zoo Zurich in the future. Zoo Zurich reserves the right to file a criminal complaint as well as to claim damages.

    Specially discounted group tickets, e.g. for kindergartens and schools, can only be issued if the Zoo Zurich registration form is completed in full and submitted by the Customer. The contract is concluded as soon as the application has been properly and completely filled out (signed, if applicable) and received by Zoo Zurich and the booking has been confirmed. 

    For the scope of services, in addition to the information on the website or on site, the further provisions in these GTCs are authoritative.

    Deviations from and changes to individual services from the agreed content of the contract, prices or these General Terms and Conditions that become necessary after the conclusion of the contract and were not brought about by Zoo Zurich contrary to good faith are permitted insofar as the deviations and changes are not significant and do not affect the content of the agreed overall service.  

    Should personal data, such as address, dissolution/separation of the domestic partnership (family annual passes), change, the Customer is obliged to either report these changes online or to inform Zoo Zurich in writing: Zoo Zürich AG, Zürichbergstrasse 221, 8044 Zurich

    2.2 Special provisions for the annual pass

    In addition to the preceding provisions, the following regulations apply to annual passes. In the event of an objection, the following regulations shall take precedence.

    The contract for the purchase of the annual pass is concluded as soon as the application has been properly and completely filled out (signed, if applicable) and received by Zoo Zurich. Minors (children/young adults up to the age of 18) can only enter into the contract with the signature of a parent/guardian. The contract is only concluded between Zoo Zurich and the signatory/applicant.

    The annual pass can be purchased at the entrance ticket office or in the Zoo Zurich Online Shop. In the case of an online purchase, the «GTCs Zoo Zurich Online Shop» also apply to the purchase of the annual pass.

    The annual pass is activated immediately on the day of the conclusion of the contract and can be used immediately, unless a different validity date has been agreed.

    The Customer has the option of storing the annual pass in the Zoo app. Once the annual subscription has been stored in the app, the Customer no longer has to physically carry the corresponding annual pass with him/her when visiting the Zoo.

    The annual pass entitles the person shown on it to admission to and stay at Zoo Zurich during general opening hours from the conclusion of the contract for the duration of the agreed contract period, with the exception of special events. Before the expiry of the agreed contract period, the holder of the annual pass will be informed that the pass needs to be renewed. With the consent of the Customer, the contract period of the annual pass will be extended accordingly.

    The purchase of the annual pass does not entitle the holder to have the Zoo opened during the term of the pass. If, for example, official orders impose restrictions on the granting of access, this may limit the number of visitors and thus lead to temporary restrictions, so that entry and stay are not guaranteed at all times. Admission and stay in these cases can be granted only according to the available capacity.

    If the annual pass is lost or not carried, a replacement pass can be requested. Zoo Zurich charges CHF 20 per replacement card issued.

    Persons who unlawfully pass on their annual pass to third parties or attempt to manipulate admission will lose the right to admission for the duration of the pass. Zoo Zurich has the right to confiscate or cancel misused annual passes, to exclude their holders from obtaining a new annual pass in the future and to file criminal charges. We reserve the right to assert claims for damages. There will be no refund of the purchase price.

    3. Vouchers and gift cards

    Vouchers and gift cards can be redeemed as a means of payment both in the Zoo Zurich Online Shop and at all points of sale in Zoo Zurich itself (entrance ticket office, restaurant, store). Specific exceptions agreed in connection with the purchase of the vouchers or gift cards remain reserved. 

    In connection with the purchase of vouchers and gift cards, Zoo Zurich rejects any liability for financial losses resulting from misuse of the vouchers and gift cards, unless these are based on a deliberate or grossly negligent breach of duty by Zoo Zurich, its legal representatives or vicarious agents.

    For the purchase of vouchers and gift cards in the Online Shop, the «GTCs Zoo Zurich Online Shop» shall apply in addition

    4. Conditions

    4.1 Prices

    The prices for the purchase of a ticket, annual pass as well as vouchers and gift cards, a related service or merchandise of Zoo Zurich can be seen in the current Zoo Zurich price lists on notices on site or on the website. Unless otherwise stated, all prices include VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice.

    The distribution of discounted individual and group tickets, e.g. to kindergartens, schools and social institutions, requires appropriate proof of eligibility.

    4.2 Complaints

    The Customer is obliged to check the ticket, voucher, gift card, service or goods immediately upon receipt to ensure that they are correct or free of defects. The complaint can be made in person, by phone or in writing (email or letter). If the Customer fails to check the ticket, voucher, gift card, service or goods immediately upon receipt and to make a corresponding complaint, the service provided by Zoo Zurich shall be deemed to have been approved.

    4.3 Payment terms

    The cost of the purchase of a ticket, voucher, gift card or related service or goods may be paid on site in cash or with a credit or debit card accepted by Zoo Zurich or with vouchers or gift cards accepted by Zoo Zurich. Payment on account is only possible after consultation with Zoo Zurich (payment deadline strictly net without deductions: 30 days). A processing fee of CHF 5 is owed on invoice amounts. It is fundamentally only possible to pay the invoice in Swiss francs.

    For payments in the Zoo Zurich Online Shop, the «GTCs Zoo Zurich Online Shop» apply.

    5. Other Provisions

    5.1 General safety provisions

    Safety is a top priority. The Customer, together with the Zoo staff, is responsible for maintaining the highest possible level of safety during his or her stay. Emergency exits and escape routes must always be kept fully clear. In the event of ambiguities, technical problems, extraordinary events or damage, the day manager must be contacted and informed immediately via a Zoo staff member.

    The Customers must observe the instructions for use, operating manuals and instructions of the Zoo staff members. If they fail to do so, the Zoo staff may exclude them from using the facility or expel them from the Zoo grounds, without this giving rise to any claim for compensation. Zoo Zurich shall not be liable for any damage caused by infringements or non-observance of the information, instructions or directions.

    Any changes and climbing on the exhibits except for the designated objects and attractions are strictly prohibited. No touching of the objects is allowed in order to protect them.

    All technical installations and structures by the Customer, his guests or third parties commissioned by him must be agreed in advance with Zoo Zurich and recorded in writing. Furthermore, no heat-generating lighting may be directed at exhibits.

    Fire regulations on the Zoo grounds must be strictly observed. This applies especially to lighting fires, which is prohibited.

    No weapons (guns, knives, chains, brass knuckles, etc.) are permitted on Zoo grounds.

    Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be denied entry to the Zoo premises or may be ejected from the premises. The instructions of the Zoo staff must be followed.

    When using playground equipment, play areas, the petting Zoo and similar facilities, age restrictions and usage instructions must be strictly observed. Zoo Zurich assumes no liability for damage caused by infringement or otherwise improper use, unless the damage was caused due to incorrect instructions for use or improper condition of the facility.

    Should a Customer be denied access to Zoo Zurich due to violation of the preceding as well as the following provisions, or should the Customer be asked to leave Zoo Zurich, there shall be no claim for reimbursement of the purchase price and no claim for damages. The same applies if the holder of an annual ticket is banned from the premises due to a violation of these provisions. 

    5.2 Duty to supervise

    Children under 12 years of age are admitted to Zoo Zurich only when accompanied by an adult. We ask parents or guardians to diligently fulfill their supervisory duties. If parents or guardians do not fulfill their duty of supervision, they are liable for all damages caused by the children.

    In the case of groups of visitors with persons requiring supervision, the person in charge of supervision of the group is obliged to inform Zoo Zurich of his or her name, the institution or school to which the group belongs, and the cell phone number of the cell phone carried, unless this information has already been provided at the time of registration.

    5.3 Emissions and restrictions

    The Customer is aware that Zoo Zurich is constantly being renovated and that certain emissions and restrictions are therefore unavoidable during the Customer's visit. The assertion of claims for damages or compensation in this regard is hereby explicitly excluded.

    In the event that Zoo Zurich can only be visited to a limited extent due to force majeure (including epidemics, pandemics and other events affecting health) or measures imposed by the authorities (e.g. only the outdoor areas of the Zoo, but not the animal houses), the assertion of claims for damages or compensation in this regard is hereby explicitly excluded.

    In the event of a complete closure of Zoo Zurich due to force majeure (including epidemics, pandemics and other events affecting health) or official regulations and orders, there is also no entitlement to compensation or claims for damages during the first 30 days of a closure

    5.4 Attractions and enclosures

    Zoo Zurich always strives to keep attractions and enclosures available to the greatest possible extent. In consideration of the animals and for other reasons, such as weather conditions, maintenance and construction work or capacity reasons, etc., the purchase of a ticket does not entitle the holder to specific services such as the presentation of certain animals or animal species or the possibility of using all attractions at Zoo Zurich at all times. Show times are published on the website and on site. We reserve the right to make changes at short notice. If attractions and/or enclosures are not available, this does not entitle the Customer to claim damages or compensation from Zoo Zurich.

    5.5 Catering

    The restaurants at the Zoo are operated by Zoo Restaurants GmbH. Food and drink are permitted only in the restaurants and designated areas or picnic areas. It is prohibited to bring and consume alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages purchased at the Zoo may only be consumed in the area of the respective restaurants.

    5.6 Advertising, sales and giveaways

    Any advertising and sale of services and goods is prohibited in the Zoo premises during opening hours. It is also not permitted to distribute gifts and information material. Exceptions after prior consultation and with written approval by Zoo Zurich remain reserved.

    5.7 Parking

    Parking is only allowed in the defined and marked parking spaces. Vehicles of suppliers, event organizers and visitors are to be parked in the public parking areas around Zoo Zurich. Zoo Zurich assumes no liability or responsibility for damage to or fines imposed on parked vehicles. Unauthorized parked vehicles will be towed away at the owner's expense.

    5.8 Vehicles on the zoo property

    The use of non-Zoo vehicles of any kind on the premises of Zoo Zurich is only permitted with exceptions and after consultation with Zoo Zurich. All buildings may only be entered by Zoo staff members or by persons accredited by the Zoo. Riding bicycles, impellers (LIKEaBIKE), kickboards, inline skates, skateboards, etc. is prohibited. Playing with balls, flying discs, balloons and the like is also prohibited.

    In the interest of safety and to protect all Customers from unreasonable nuisances, Zoo Zurich reserves the right to prohibit taking along other objects/articles that may cause disturbance to other visitors and/or the animals and/or Zoo staff.

    5.9 Smoking

    Smoking is permitted outdoors or in designated «smoking zones» at Zoo Zurich. Out of consideration for animals and other Zoo visitors, smoking is prohibited in all buildings and animal houses and at the entrances to Zoo Zurich, the animal houses and the Zoo restaurants, as well as in walk-in animal enclosures in the outdoor area (e.g. Outdoor Enclosure Australia, Monkey Island, Ibis Aviary, Grey Parrot Aviary, Goat Enclosure in Zoolino). This also applies to e-cigarettes or vaporizers, which are used to inhale tobacco rather than smoke it.

    5.10 Animals

    Dogs and other animals are not allowed at Zoo Zurich. There are no dog kennels available. Exceptions are marked guide dogs for the blind and marked assistance dogs for people with motor disabilities.

    5.11 Handling animals, feeding

    Stepping over the barriers and reaching into the animal facilities endanger animals and humans and is strictly prohibited. Animals also need rest breaks. Loud shouting and banging on windows is prohibited.

    Species-appropriate husbandry and the health of the animals can only be guaranteed if the animals are exclusively supplied with the appropriate food by Zoo staff members. It is therefore essential to refrain from feeding the animals, except in enclosures where food is offered by Zoo Zurich, but exclusively with the food offered there by Zoo Zurich. Zoo Zurich reserves the right to expel Customers who violate the feeding ban at Zoo Zurich and to exclude them from Zoo Zurich in the future.

    5.12 Photography, filming

    Photography and/or filming for private purposes and publication on private social media profiles is encouraged. Please note the flash ban in some houses.

    Any commercial use of private images and films from Zoo Zurich, e.g. on Internet websites, in publicly accessible and/or commercial databases, etc., is only permitted upon presentation of proof of the image or film and only with the express prior written consent of Zoo Zurich. For more information,contact Commercial is any use that is operated with the intention of making a profit, including by using the Zoo photos or film footage (this also includes, for example, use on the Internet in connection with advertising banners and similar advertising measures).

    Drone flights for filming/photography are not permitted over any part of the Zoo grounds.

    5.13 Opening hours

    Please note the opening hours of Zoo Zurich. We would like to point out that staying after Zoo closing time is not allowed except for guided tours and closed events.

    5.14 Waste

    Help to keep Zoo Zurich clean. Please use the waste garbage cans provided.

    6. Liability

    All facilities on the Zoo grounds are carefully maintained and monitored. Should a Customer nevertheless suffer damage through no fault of his/her own, the Customer must report the damage to the Zoo Zurich Visitor Center before leaving the Zoo grounds. The Customer should also contact us if there is reason to believe that an incident may result in damage at a later date. Failure to file a possible and reasonable damage report will make the claims process much more difficult.

    Zoo Zurich excludes any liability for damages (personal injury or bodily harm) incurred directly or indirectly in connection with this contract, i.e. the visit to Zoo Zurich, any related service or the purchase of goods, to the extent admissible by law and to the fullest extent permitted by law, irrespective of the legal grounds on which the damages are claimed. Likewise, Zoo Zurich excludes any non-contractual liability for direct or indirect damage (personal injury or bodily harm) to the extent admissible by law and to the fullest extent permitted by law, irrespective of the legal grounds on which the damage is claimed. In any case, liability for slight negligence as well as liability for auxiliary persons (Art. 101 OR) is excluded.

    Zoo Zurich accepts no liability for theft.

    7. Data protection

    The applicable data protection provisions can be found in the Zoo Zurich privacy policy at The privacy policy is an integral part of these GTCs.

    8. Final provisions

    8.1 Jurisdiction and applicable law

    Swiss substantive law shall apply exclusively, to the exclusion of the provisions of international private law and in particular the Vienna Sales Convention (CISG). The city of Zurich is the place of jurisdiction for all disputes.

    8.2 Updating General Terms and conditions

    The General Terms and Conditions of Zoo Zurich are an integral part of the relationship with the Customer. Zoo Zurich reserves the right to adapt the GTCs due to changes in the general conditions. The last amendment to these General Terms and Conditions is dated 21.12.2022.