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  • Gelbschwanzdemoiselle im Zoo Zürich.

    Goldtail demoiselle

    Chrysiptera parasema

    Closest relatives Perch family, damselfish (350 species), damselfish
    Habitat Coral reefs with dense corals in up to 16 meters deep
    Behaviour live in small groups within their hunting area, always near a hiding place
    Diet small crustaceans, plankton, algae
    Body length 5 to 7cm
    Spawn spawn on substrate, males guard the nest
    Use fishkeeping, bred in aquariums
    Current status widespread

    geographic range

    Verbreitungskarte Gelbschwanzdemoiselle


    D. Zandonella, Wettingen
    P. Oppliger, Villnachern
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    Conservation status

    IUCN RedList