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  • Ubele Kiosk Luftaufnahme Lewa Savanne

    Ubele kiosk

    Opening hours:

    March–October: daily, 9:30–5 h
    November–February: only in good weather, 11–4 h

    Service: self-service

    The Ubele Kiosk in Lewa Village is situated right by the waterhole overlooking the large savanna enclosure with giraffes, rhinos, zebras and other African animals. The kiosk in the heart of the Lewa Savanna will spoil you with a large self-service range of African food and zoo classics, as well as a wide variety of drinks.


    • African chicken dish & taboulé salad.
    • Sliced meat "Zurich style" & veal paillard
    • Wienerli with Züri Frites
    • Penne with soy bolognese (vegan, organic)
    • Salads
    • Desserts & pastries
    • Cold & warm drinks