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  • Thai Lunch Thai Lodge

    Thai lunch buffet

    At the Thailodge in the Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park of the Zurich Zoo there is always on Sunday from 11:30-14:00 the Thai lunch buffet as part of the brunch, which is also open to passers-by. A reservation only for lunch is not possible.

    You can either enjoy the lunch à discretion, or only consume individual dishes and/or drinks.

    The food offer à discrétion includes: various salads, chicken sweet and sour, Massaman curry with beef, green vegetable curry (vegetarian), Thom Kha Gai, basmati rice, desserts in a jar, water from the carafe.

    All-inclusive price à discretion

    • Adults CHF 38.–
    • Children younger than 14 years, per year of age: CHF 2.–

    Excluding drinks.


    (Prices for single consumption)

    Asian Dishes

    • Thai plate of choice, CHF 29.00
    • Tom Kha Gai with rice, CHF 19.50
    • Tom Kha Gai, small portion without rice, CHF 12.50


    • Cüpli Prosecco, 1 dl, CHF 8.50
    • Wine open, red or white, 1 dl, CHF 6.00
    • Singha beer, CHF 7.00
    • Thai iced tea, 3 dl, CHF 3.80
    • Mineral water and softdrinks (Pet), 4,5–5 dl, CHF 4.80
    • Coffee/Espresso, CHF 4.00
    • Coffee with milk/Cappuccino, CHF 4.40
    • Various organic teas, CHF 4.60

    Offers and prices may be subject to change at short notice.
    Meat exclusively from Switzerland.