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Sustainability in Gastronomy

Zoo Zurich's restaurants and food stalls apply the principles of ecological, economic and social sustainability at every stage of the food preparation chain, from purchasing to processing. As far as possible, only regional, sustainably produced and seasonal products are used in the zoo restaurants. Amongst other things, this means:

  • no shellfish, crustaceans or seafood;
  • fish (mainly whitefish, perch and zander) from Swiss waters or Swiss farms using animal-free feed only;
  • meat exclusively from animal-friendly farms in Switzerland;
  • ice cream from Emmi made with Swiss milk and cream, no palm oil;
  • pastries from Fredy's from IP-Suisse or Bio-Knospe certified cereals, no palm oil;
  • chips from KADI made using Zurich potatoes, fried in Swiss sunflower and Swiss rapeseed oil, no palm oil;
  • milk, butter and eggs of Swiss organic quality.

Zoo Zurich does not use disposable food packaging made from plastic. Products from sustainable raw materials are used instead: cardboard items made of recyclable material; drinking cups and dishes made of maize starch and articles made of sugar cane waste and palm leaves. As in all parts of the zoo, biodegradable cleaning products and Dyson hand dryers are used in the catering outlets.