• Baustelle Kaeng Krachan Elefantenpark im Zoo Zürich


Zurich Zoo is constantly developing as part of a larger «Masterplan».

Next stages of development

  • 2020: Lewa savannah for giraffes, white rhinoceroses and other animals (15)

Planning for longer term

  • Zoo Aerial Cableway (16)
  • Refuge for gorillas and orangutans (17)
  • Coastal enclosure for seals, otters and sea birds (18)
  • Asian steppe, hoofed animals (19)
Zurich Zoo Masterplan

1995: Sangay cloud forest for spectacled and proboscis bears (01)

1998: Selenga wetlands for water fowl (02)

2001: Himalaya rocks enclosure for snow leopards, the Amur tigers, small pandas and wolves (03)

2002: Zoolino for farm animals and pets (activity zone) (04)

2003: Masoala rainforest for the animals and plants from Madagascar (05)

2006/2007: Gir dry forest for Indian lions and Asian otters (06)

2008: Semien mountains for gelada baboons and ibexes (07)

2012: Pantanal for squirrel monkeys and giant anteaters (08)

2013: Main entrance with the visitors’ area and the visitors’ centre (09)

2014: Kaeng Krachan elephant park for Asian elephants (11) and Masoala Express (10)

2015: Mongolian steppe for yaks, Bactrian camels and Kashmir goats (12)

2016: Complete modernization and redesign of aquarium (13)

2018: Transformation of the African House into the Australian enclosure (14)