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  • Regenbogenlori schaut aus Bruthöhle im Zoo Zürich.

    Current notes

    The only constant at Zoo Zurich is change – the zoo is constantly evolving to offer its animals even better habitats and its visitors an even more inspiring experience of nature.

    The common thread for this is the Development Plan 2050:

    Zoo of the future

    Temporary restrictions

    Construction work sometimes involves temporary restrictions. It is also possible that certain restrictions may apply for a short period of time due to special events.

    To help you plan your visit to the zoo, we list it here if any facilities are temporarily inaccessible.

    Construction work Panterra

    From August 21, 2023 until the spring of 2025, we will build Panterra – a big cat habitat with a rotation system – on the site of the current enclosures for lions, wolves, tigers, snow leopards and red pandas.

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    During the construction works the area around these enclosures is closed. Likewise, no big cats can be seen at Zoo Zurich during this time. The animals have moved to other zoos for the construction period.

    Details of the closed area can be found on the zoo map. Admission prices remain unchanged during the construction period.

    Animation der neuen Anlage Panterra

    In Panterra, the big cats will alternately inhabit the different parts of the enclosure. The smells and traces of the "previous tenants" provide an exciting enrichment to the animals' daily lives. Rendering: Region Five Media