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  • Regenbogenlori schaut aus Bruthöhle im Zoo Zürich.

    Current notes

    The only constant at Zoo Zurich is change – the zoo is constantly evolving to offer its animals even better habitats and its visitors an even more inspiring experience of nature.

    The common thread for this is the Development Plan 2050:

    Zoo of the future

    Temporary restrictions

    Construction work sometimes involves temporary restrictions. To help you plan your visit to the zoo, we list it here if any facilities are temporarily inaccessible.

    Construction work Masoala

    Due to remodelling works, the Masoala Rainforest Information Centre will be closed from 5 September 2022. A new conservation centre will be built there by April 2023.

    Learn more

    The Masoala Rainforest itself, the Masoala Side Entrance, the Masoala Restaurant and the Masoala Shop are open and accessible as normal.

    Blick von aussen auf den Masoala Regenwald des Zoo Zürich.

    Outside view of Masoala Rainforest. Photo: Zoo Zürich, Cordula Galeffi