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  • Korallenkatzenhai im Zoo Zürich
    Korallenkatzenhai im Zoo Zürich.

    Coral catshark

    Atelomycterus marmoratus

    Closest relatives Sharks, ground sharks, cat sharks
    Habitat Coastal areas
    Behaviour nocturnal
    Diet Fish eggs, shrimp, small fish, snails, mussels, crabs and squid
    Body length up to 90 cm
    Spawn Unlike many other shark species, egg laying
    Use fishkeeping
    Current status unknown

    geographic range


    in memoriam Leonie Andrea Egloff
    M. Jufer, Jonen
    H. Künzler, Affoltern am Albis
    Kränzle AG, Bremgarten AG
    S. Scheuble + H. Spindler, Dietlikon
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    Conservation status

    IUCN RedList